Networking Lessons from "The King"‚Äč

Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” was born on January 8, 1935. Even though he passed away in 1977, he still remains among the most popular of entertainers, and an inspiration for many people, selling, an estimated 1 billion+ units worldwide.

During his career, Elvis officially recorded an estimated 710 songs. Several of the titles of his hits could be used as reminders and lessons for those who are looking to make their business networking more effective.

For all of the “Suspicious Minds” out there and for those who get "All Shook Up" when at a networking event, consider these:

 "It's Now or Never": Effective networking requires you to be very proactive today and never ever leave things to chance. Research and decide today which events, conferences, seminars and groups you want to attend this month. Determine either by name or description, the type of people you want to meet at each. After meeting them, follow-up immediately. You will make a great impression.

"A Little Less Conversation": When talking to others, listen more than you speak to them, not with the intent to reply to what they say. Take note of what others say and use it in your follow-up communications. Do not try to monopolize the conversation. At formal meetings or events with speakers, do not engage in side conversations with others, texting, checking emails.

"Don't be Cruel":  At networking events, you never want to trash talk your competitors to the people you just met. You will lose whatever rapport and small amounts of trust you may have started to develop. Instead, should someone ask what makes you or your company different than a competitor, point out the differences by accentuating the positive benefits that you offer.

“Always On My Mind": Great networking involved you to always think about ways you can help or somehow have a positive effect on the people you meet. Look to serve others by finding referrals in the form of clients, or an introduction to a new source or potential collaborator. These actions will cause you to always remain on the minds of others.

 "Return to Sender": Whenever you receive a referral, make sure that you return the prospect back to the sender (i.e. the giver of the referral), with great feedback about their experience, regardless if business was done or not. The sender has a different kind of relationship with the prospect than they do with you. When you receive a referral, you need to protect and further enhance the reputation and image of the sender in the eyes of the prospect. In the end, the sender of the referral will have more trust and confidence in the receiver (you), thereby sending more referrals to you over time.

 "Stuck on You": Networking is about building new and enhancing existing relationships. Regardless if you are networking offline in the real world and online, you will meet people you wouldn't ordinarily meet in the course of a year, and in many cases, a lifetime. The relationships that you start and enhance through the help you give others will cause people to become "stuck on you" whenever they need or know someone who could benefit from your counsel, advice, products or services. You are creating your own personal brand-loyalty among people and organizations which can totally transform your business.


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