OFFICIAL BIO: Tim Houston is a bestselling author, professional speaker, trainer and REFERRALPRENEUR™. For nearly three decades, he has dedicated himself to helping businesses of all sizes to become more productive, profitable and prosperous through referral-based marketing and business networking.  

Tim has positively impacted thousands of business people through his high-energy keynotes, workshops, masterclasses and consulting sessions across the globe. As a speaker and trainer, he has shared the platform with business leaders and authorities such as Bob Burg, Tom Connellan, Michael Gerber, Keith Ferrazi, Dr. Ivan Misner and Susan RoAne.  

Tim has written four books which have been category bestsellers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other lists. He is a contributor to The New York Times Best Seller and multiple #1 Best Seller, Masters of Sales (Entrepreneur Press, 2007).  

Tim's articles on the topics of business networking and referral marketing and generation have been translated and published in magazines, newspapers and blogs around the world. Over the years, he has been interviewed on many podcasts, online shows as well as TV and radio programs.

The books/projects he has been involved with have been featured in: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week and USA Today.


Tim loves working with businesspeople -- from solo entrepreneurs to those working in Fortune 500 companies -- teaching them how to leverage their relationships to make their referral marketing and networking efforts more productive, profitable and prosperous. 

Specialties: Referral Generation, Referral Marketing, Sales, Networking, Marketing, Word-of-Mouth, Selling, Speaking, Training, Presentation skills, Entrepreneurship

"Tim's knowledge of networking and referral marketing has taught me more than any other book or program out there. Working with him has produced exceptional results for me and our company."

Randy Brickman, CLTC LUTCF

Vice President, Registered Representative and Financial Advisor,

-- Park Avenue Securities, LLC (PAS), Forest Hills Financial Group, Melville, NY