Interactive, Energetic, Effective, Personable Presentations.

For over 25 years, I have a spoken on stage and through virtual presentations for audiences at companies, organizations and universities across the United States and around the world. Through my high-energy, engaging, dynamic and entertaining, keynotes, in person and online workshops, masterclasses and consulting sessions, I am devoted to providing value and relevancy to my audiences.


"As your teacher and guide, my job is to make things understandable and goal is to help you to take what you learn and put it into practice."


I like to think of myself as someone who, after almost 25+ years of real-life business experience, 'in the trenches, not the Ivory Tower' often offers unique and sometimes common-sense approaches to solving what seems like complex problems for business people.  


I'm a father, partner, native New Yorker and a heart attack survivor. I've been an entrepreneur since age 17 and started, owned, operated, managed and/or sold four businesses. 

"Tim is very insightful and effective. He is a very engaging speaker and trainer. His expertise shows why he is ‘THE’ Networking and Referral Marketing Authority."

Allyson B. Daly
Senior Manager Global Communications, Bayer HealthCare, Morristown, NJ


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"You were rated as the top presenter at our conference! 100% of our delegates found your talk to be extremely dynamic, interesting and relevant. 66% of attendees went to our post-conference networking event; 41% said they attended because of your presentation! "

Diane Taylor-Cummings, PMP,
Thomson Reuters London, UK & New York, NY

Why Hire Tim Houston to Speak or Train at Your Event?

In a world increasingly filled with speakers, "experts," and "gurus" who just talk about subjects with little or no real-life experience, as a business owner and entrepreneur for over two decades, Tim lives in the trenches of business, not the Ivory Tower! Every day, Tim actually lives, breathes and believes in what he teaches.

Tim just doesn't show up and speak. He makes himself available to interact with your audience at your venue before and during each event.  If you have an event app, social media presence or special hashtag, he will also engage with your audience on these platforms and using these tools.

Tim's programs and events are never dull. Whether giving  a keynote presentation, conducting a workshop or seminar,  Tim makes sure that audience members will be active participants, not mere spectators.

For nearly 25 years, Tim has given presentations around the world.  Many of his clients have hired him again and again for keynotes, trainings and workshops because he delivers solid value and proven results.

Every company, university, organization and industry has its own challenges and needs.  Tim doesn't do "cookie-cutter" presentations. Every presentation is content-rich and cutstomized to your specific needs to accomplish your goals. 

Whether giving a keynote, conducting a breakout session or seminar, when you hire Tim, your audience gets straightforward, actionable, how-to information, strategies, tactics, and techniques that are proven to work

Your audience wants to be connected and engaged with the speaker.  Tim helps to make that happen by offering optional, pre-event webinars and calls that will preview his keynote, breakout or seminar.

The vast majority of Tim's clients report that his presentations are positive, dynamic and relevant. Many audiences report they want Tim to appear again at future events...and he has!

Because he puts on his own seminars, masterclasses and mutli-day events, Tim knows about all of the the prep work that goes into producing a successful event. He will work with you to ensure that his part is easy,  stress-free, memorable and enjoyable -- and makes you look like a hero!

Tim strives to meet and exceed your expectations. He's the consumate professional both on stage and off. He's there for you when you need him: before, during and after your event. 

If he not the right speaker or trainer for your event,  he'll refer you to someone who is.

"Tim's presentations are engaging and he has a knack for relaying his message in a way that is very easy to interpret & implement. "

Kyle Griffith
CBI Managing Partner, The NYBB Group. New York, NY

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